What Role Do Embedded Systems Play in Artificial Intelligence?

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What role do embedded systems play in artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a computer, its think in a way of human intelligent think, it’s a computer-controlled robot or a software thinker which equals to a human brain thinking. This artificial intelligence will take a decision, will learn, and work while trying to resolve the problems. Artificial intelligence will be a combination of different technologies. They are


Robots are the artificial machines acting in the real world environment as an agent. The complete world is interesting to design and manufacturing of robots. Robots are useful to perform tasks and they will take own decisions.

Artificial Neural Network:

The idea of the Artificial Neural network will come up based on the human brain working principle. Here, machine learning technology is also used in Artificial Neural Networks. Where machine learning will consist of different kinds like supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. Here, Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, that can be thought as automation of predictive analytics.

Natural Language Process:

Natural Language refers to an Artificial intelligence, it is a method to be communicating with the natural language like English. The processing of the natural language will be required for an intelligent system to understand and processor perform the tasks given by the humans.

The development of embedded Artificial intelligence will be made increasingly simpler with the advanced enterprise of Artificial Intelligence microservices. Embedded systems have reached a certain level of ‘smartness’. More and smarter devices are being introduced on every month. The development of embedded Artificial intelligence will be made increasingly simpler with the advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence microservices. We are already at a point where artificial intelligence is a basic form that has found in a way that the heart of the AI is embedded

controllers. So, the embedded system will play a major role in Artificial Intelligence. Embedded is a method used to determine if a computer can actually think like a human as a artificial intelligence. The path of Artificial Intelligence is similar to cloud computing or mobile devices. Here, the Embedded Systems plays a vital role in making Artificial intelligence like taking a perfect decision on the Machines. Here, the microcontroller will take the perfect decisions as equal to the human thinking way. The main thing is Embedded IoT is rapidly increasing day by day in Artificial intelligence. Here some examples of Artifical Intelligence with the help of Embedded Technology.


The health care is the one and main application for Artificial intelligence and these Artificial machines are placed in the hospitals to helpful to the humans or patients and the main cause is to reduce the costs. This artificial machine
Understand the human questions and gives the proper solution for that. By this, it is very helpful in Artificial Intelligence. This is useful to identify the problems or diseases occur to a human easily. So this will think like a doctor and give proper treatment also. Here, everything will be controlled by Embedded controllers so here
the controller will work as a brain in the system.