What Is Deep Learning

What is Deep Learning

What is deep learning, nowadays many students want to know about it? Deep learning is another branch of the embedded system, in embedded system data collected by the sensor is in the core of the algorithm. Before starting deep learning is will be advantages to embedded system training in Bangalore, it will help you to get understanding and collecting sensor data.

Deep learning is part of a big family of machine learning, here we mainly focus on deep learning. With deep learning, the algorithm computer is capable of learning like a brain. In simple words, when we are child our brain learning by touching, smelling, tasting, and feeling. Similar ways computers also capable to learn slowly one by one, step by step using a deep algorithm like a neural network. Using a neural network computer is capable to extract complicate concepts and relationships of data.

In deep learning computer use data like picture, sound, video, text, and established complex the relationship among these data, this learning computer remember and uses in the next algorithm. In deep learning, we are having many more data sets, which is used for learning to teach computers. Using deep algorithm computers take the complex decision and use these decisions for the next algorithm. In deep learning, we need to focus on speed, scalability, and flexibility.

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We have to design a deep learning algorithm so that computers are capable of learning quickly. In order to learn faster computers need many more CPUs and GPUs to solve complex matrix. Using high-speed CPUs and GPUs user can speed up computer deep learning.


Consider the case when we have written the algorithm to lean COVID-19 spread in the world, soon after the deep learning algorithm computer can able to tell how COVID-19 going to spread in the future, we continuously need to feed new data so that we get correct prediction in advance.


During algorithm many, we may need to use much software that required very high computation power. So we need to choose a deep learning algorithm that is best suited for our algorithm.

Now we will see what is the use of deep learning and where we are using deep learning. Nowadays across the world, many companies are working in deep learning.

Computer Vision:

In the application of computer vision, face recognition is most widely used. Although there are millions of applications of computer vision, like production control, quality inspection, autonomous driving cars, etc. In computer vision, We take input from a camera, sound, heat and proximity data, using all input computer vision is created which is capable to detect the face of human, or quality inspection at a faster rate, or drive a car automatically.

Speech Recognition:

Speech recognition is another important application of deep learning. On every smartphone. We are having voice command using google voice, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri are the major name among many more which can recognize input voice, take action on them and analyze for future use.

Dealing With Malware:

Deep learning can help a lot in malware analysis and protect computer users. In new world malware attach are a very severe effect. Nowadays malware can theft user data and it use for many scams.

Network Traffic Analysis:

Deep learning is very useful for our country, much tarriest organization are using the internet for communication among their team, using deep learning communication can track and used for security purposes.

User Behavior Analysis:

When a customer is visiting the shopping mall, he is keep seeing many products and then chose few, while another customer is just directly going and buying a product. These varying behavior can we understand properly using IoT and embedded systems. With deep learning we will able to predict the product customer is going to buy, these deep learning can help to suggest the product user is interested in buying.

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