The Significance of Embedded System in IoT


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The Significance of Embedded System in IoT

Let’s discuss the significance of embedded system in IoT (Internet of Things). Internet of Things connects embedded system towards the internet, so let’s understand the embedded system before going to IoT. Before choosing the embedded systems courses for your future career, you must aware about the significance of the embedded system in IoT.

Embedded system:

Embedded system is an electronic device, its combination of both hardware and software, the embedded devices perform the specific task for which they are designed. Depending on the applications the embedded device may or may not be programmed in our day to day life we will come across many embedded devices like mobile phones,
smart home controller, CD players, microwave oven and many more.
In this modern world, embedded systems are most attracted device due to some important factors like embedded devices are of very low cost. The power consumption is very low, the space consumption is very low so we can carry them easily.
The embedded boards are supported by different embedded controllers, which are developed using standard hardware and software units. Arduino is the most evolved embedded board, Arduino help to understand the embedded system boards and it also used in the Internet of things. The Arduino architecture is the combination of embedded Atmel controller family through particular hardware towards a board which has a built-in bootloader for plugs and run embedded applications.

Internet of Things:

Internet of Things and devices of IoT are mix with embedded systems and smart things through the internet with different IP addresses which were used to discover and communicate. Basically, IoT is Embedded Systems and elegant substance coupled to the Internet with the exceptional IP address which can be communicated on the Internet. These comprise Sensors external peripheral devices and actuators external peripheral devices. Internet of Thing is the most trending technology in this modern world, where using IoT we can easily control the embedded devices from any location and even from long distance. We can say Internet of thing is the device used transmit the information to people or from one device to other using the internet, the example of the internet of things are amazon echo, home automation, and security and many more. Internet of things have very good scope in the present world, we can say in future many IoT device will come which human life easier. it’s good to have the knowledge of IoT and embedded system and it is the very good flat form to work, so if anyone wants to gain the knowledge in embedded system and wants have practical experience in IoT can join the professional embedded training institute in Bangalore.

The Internet of Things devices can be divided into two broad categories. These are embedded controllers and Wearable controller. One of the examples of this is digital watches. Let’s see some of the important features of wearable devices are.

Better battery life:

As the IoT devices are able to work with very low power, so have the long life of the battery.

Easy to use:

The IoT devices are innovative products for easy to use and for the reality of services.


Contains the proper set of instructions in order to get the real-life examples.

Data security:

assist the devices, it assists as information related things as like to secure the mail applications, secure clouds, and secure browsers.

Easy Managing:

These things can be easily managed, in many applications, these can be handled through phones.
The best platform for embedded IoT is the Arduino. In this platform, users want to set Android through an Ethernet shield. These platforms work with serial communications and develop smart applications with this.
Raspberry Pi is perhaps the greatest thing to ensure in the Internet of Things. Broad series of data drive applications such as the compact disk servers, automation of home server; and file server can be built with the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi has commonly used these IO pins like Arduino.
Intel Galileo is an extra platform by Intel which chains the Arduino Uno. It is the first Arduino compatible device of Intel devices.
Intel Edison is IoT platform incorporated Wi-Fi and BLE. It covers the place of industries with seventy pin interface. It supports some other platforms like node.js and Arduino.
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