Scope of Embedded Systems

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The Scope of Embedded System

Applications of embedded systems have increased over past years. Multi-core technologies are being developed and are now in great demand across the various industry. As an embedded training institute in Bangalore, we discuss the scope of embedded systems.

Many students are not aware of opportunities available in the field of Embedded systems. Most graduates go after the IT industry to seek the career. The reason may be lack of awareness. Many students may not across the name Embedded Systems or they may not be aware of what is an embedded system, what knowledge and skills required to build a career in the field of embedded systems, which companies are working in this field.

All leading companies are working in Embedded field. Some of them and the products are given below

Siemens-They make products in the field of automation industry, medical electronics. They are radiology machines, scanner, Doppler, cardiograph machines.

Samsung – they make mobile phones, consumer electronics like a washing machine, microwave oven, television, air conditions etc. This the embedded device will be made of a microcontroller, its associated hardware, and software for intelligent temperature sensing.

Bosch – makes all automotive products.

The main field where Embedded System is used are as follow:

1. Automotive

Automotive technology is a program of study that focuses on mechanics and technology that drive today’s vehicles. In automotive systems, more equipment is being changed from mechanical systems to electronic systems.

Embedded system is the heart of a vehicle’s electronic system due to its versatility and flexibility. Revolution of electronics has manipulated in automotive design including fuel combustion, powertrain crash protection, etc. Advanced use of the embedded system in a vehicle can help in controlling pollution, increasing the facility to provide systems monitoring features that consumers demand. The embedded system is an integral part of automotive safety systems, that may be an anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, automatic four-wheel drive.

Application of Automotive Embedded: Embedded Airbag System, Embedded navigation system, Embedded Rain-sensing system, Embedded Based Automotive Parking System, Music system, Equivalent control, GPS, anti-locking braking system, fuel injection controller device.

2. Aerospace/Avionics

Embedded system is essentially a black box that performs functionality for the application system.

Application of Aerospace Flight attitude controllers, space robotics, automatic landing systems, navigational system, space explorer.

3. IOT

IOT is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to the growing network of physical objects that feature an address from internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other internet-enabled devices and systems. In other words, IOT is nothing but devices connected to the network wirelessly to the network have the ability to transfer and receive data. Is a method of controlling appliances automatically for the convenience of users. This makes life easier for the user and saves energy by utilizing devices based on requirements. Controls can be as basic controlling lights with a remote or as complex as setting up a network of items in the home that can be programmed using the main controller or even via cell phone from anywhere in the world or by voice control.

Sensing Requirements: Designer needs to decide the sense required to perform the specific task. One should also need to assess the sensor specifications required for different needs and usability in different environments. Below is the sensor that is commonly used
1. Thermostats can be used to control air conditioners, refrigerators, geysers, heating system, or in case of fire.
2. Humidity sensors sense the moisture level in the environment.
3. Gas sensors can be used to detect gas leaks.
4. Light sensors can be used to detect the luminous intensity in the house.

Information provided by these sensors is used by the processor to make several important decisions regarding the appliances and when to switch them ON or OFF.

Most commonly used devices in IOT application are Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. The networking, communication, and protocols used to depend on the IOT application. There are many communications protocols like MQTT, CoAP, DTLS. Wireless protocols include Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy.

Application of IOT smart home, smart city technology, security system etc.

4. Industrial Automation

All products that we use in our day to day life are all embedded products. Embedded is been growing in the field to automation.
Application of Industrial automation is voltage, temperature, current, hazard testing system, data collection system, assembly line, monitoring system on pressure.

5. Medical

Embedded system is becoming a great interest in the medical field. Due to the Embedded system, everything in the embedded system has become too simple operation all have become too simple. Patients hospitalized needs constants attention, that can happen using the medical embedded system. The sensors give data regarding patients health, such as heartbeat and these signals are sent wirelessly to doctors.

Most recently products are manufactured in the medical field that is IoT based patient health monitoring system over the internet and another one is Heartbeat monitoring system

Application in Medical field Medical diagnostic devices: ECG, EMG, MRI, EEG, CT scanner, BP Monitor, Glucose monitor.

6. Telecommunication and Networking

Embedded systems become more complex and should have knowledge in various disciplines such as electronics, data processing, telecommunications, and networks. This choice is easily justified by the fact that embedded systems are today massively communicating and that telecommunications and networks constitute the main sector of embedded systems.

Application in Telecommunication and networking are the Cellular phone, web camera, hub, router, IP Phone and etc…

7. Security and Safety

Nowadays Embedded system is used for Security safety system. Many Embedded security products are coming to market which we are using in our day to day life. In many homes, they are using the safety locking system. More advanced products are also there like face, eye recognition system.

In your mobile, many safety secure features are been introduced like safe pattern lock system, the more upgraded feature now we can find in mobile is fingerprint recognition for security not only that advance camera are also there.

Application in security and safety Building security system, face recognition, airport security system, eye recognition system, alarm system, finger recognition system, etc.

8. Defense

Embedded has deployed products in the military field. All products are available in extending operating temperature versions, all of them provide high-performance networking features and power-efficient performance. Embedded has deployed products in the military field. All products are available in extending operating temperature versions, all of them provide high-performance networking features and power-efficient performance.

They have designed single board computers that are used in military applications including UAR controllers, fire control system and ruggedized routers. Signal board computers are available such as PMC and PC/104 which are commonly used in military applications. Also, their small customs form factor boards that are used in application such as UAVs. Application of Embedded system in Defence like manufacturing of Drones, satellite monitored LASER.

9. Agriculture

Today farmers are required to harvest maximum from small land. Hence field required something remarkable like embedded system. Farmers need to have the sound understanding of climatic conditions and need to change farming process depending upon climatic changes.

In the upcoming days’ main aim of this system to solve labor issues by coming up with robotic which will help farmers in farming. Currently, many countries developing driverless tractors using real-time kinematic and GPS that would be effective and cost-efficient to use in farmlands.

At the Embedded World 2013 shows using Smart Farming as an example- will demonstrate how the interaction of machines in the cyber-physical system operates safely and securely.

10. Consumer Electronics

Some company like Samsung, Bosch manufacture many consumer electronics products.
Application in the field of Entertainment Video games, mp3, mind storm, smart toy, television, air condition, washing machine etc.

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