Resume Writing Tips For Embedded Students


Resume writing is an Art, a resume should speak very loud and clear. When any company receives your resume then the company will judge your knowledge based on your resume only. We at a Professional Training Institute focus on each student’s resume who join us for embedded system training in Bangalore.

Now, this document we had published for everyone, the student can utilize the information available in this document and make their resume better. This document is divided into two parts one general guideline and the other is embedded specific guidelines.

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General Points Need to Cover in Resume

Contact Information

It should include candidate name, contact number and email id. An alternative contact number also benefits some times.

Career Objective for Fresher’s & Experienced Candidates

For fresher’s, it should use

1) I am an entry-level applicant.
2) I am a recent graduate student.

For Experienced, it should use

1) I have/ had major achievement in my experience
2) I am applying to a position in the same industry.
3) I have a special area of expertise in my mind.

Work Experience

Here we need to mention current company work details as first. Freshers can write some projects if they have done, if not then they can study some projects from their interest filed and write here.

Additional Skills

Additional skills are mixed with soft skills like adaptability, collaboration, strong work ethic, problem-solving, team building and hard skills like MS excel proficient, business management, client management, fluent English.


Here education details have to mention from the highest degree to lowest including percentages and year of passing out for freshers. For experienced candidates have to mention only the highest qualification.

If you have fewer % marks in your education then skip writing % marks, just write a year of passing.

Personal Information

Here you have to mention father’s name, date of birth, known languages, etc.


This is the final step to complete the resume.

While making a resume specific to an embedded filed, and targeting embedded companies then we need to pay special attention to resume. We have to add some special keywords that are related to an embedded filed.

Here is the details description of what is expected in embedded candidates:

Knowledge of Communication Protocol

The company is normally searching for a keyword like UART, SPI, I2C, RS232, and RS485 in the resume.

Embedded Tools

Knowledge of tools used in embedded like CRO, multi-meter, logic analyzer, power supply, USB to 232 converters, USB to 485 converters, and programming tools like STLink.ICD2/ICD3.

Knowledge of IDE

The important IDE is Keil, MP lab, and code worrier. Apart from this also some more IDE is used in the market. So the candidate must have understanding and knowledge of at least 1-2 IDE.

Knowledge of SDLC

The student must aware of requirement analysis, design, and development, unit testing, testing, and release. Most of the big MNC interview company will defiantly ask about SDLC, so the student should be ready and handy knowledge in the field of SDLC.

Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge is knowledge of a specific, specialized discipline or field, in contrast to general knowledge or domain-independent knowledge. The term is often used about a more general discipline. as, for example, in describing a software engineer who has a general knowledge of programming, as well as domain knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry. People who have domain knowledge, are often considered specialists or experts in the field.

So we strongly believe that if you make your resume as per required guidelines then defiantly you will have more opportunities to get calls from different companies. If you want to gain knowledge or you want to learn embedded systems practical then you can join our practical hands-on embedded system training course in Bangalore. We are highly focused on individual learning. Chat/ call us on