Raspberry-Pi Training course in Bangalore

  • Architecture and Hardware specifications
  • A brief introduction to Linux (embedded)
  • Introduction to ARM11 microcontroller
  • Python – programming language
  • Sensors & Motors
  • GPIOs

The hands-on session will include:

  • Setting up Raspberry Pi
    • Flashing the loading the MicroSD card with the OS
    • Booting the OS
    • The intro of items on the desktop (Debian Linux)
  • Intro and hands-on coding of Python (comparison with C programming over Linux machines)
  • Enabling GPIO pins
  • LED interfacing using the GPIO
  • Physical Email notifier
  • Using HDMI port, USB ports(mouse/keyboard), Audio Jack
  • Button input and LDR interfacing
  • Buzzer, PIR and various sensor interfacing

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