Raspberry pi setup

Setting up of Raspberry pi:

Raspberry pi parts:

  • Quad core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI Port
  • 4 USB Ports
  • GPIO Ports
  • Wi Fi

Kit contains following items:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi case
  • 16 GB Micro SD card preloaded with NOOBS
  • 5V, 2A USB power adapter
  • Breadboard
  • HDMI cable Breadboard jumper wire pack
  • LEDs


NOOBS(New out of box software) install:


  • Download:


  Download NOOBS zip file, you need to copy content to formatted SD card to computer

NOOBS download link https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/

To set up blank SD card with NOOBS

  • Format  SD card of 16GB.

See the instructions given below.

  • Download extract files from the NOOBS zip file.
  • Copy extracted files onto SD card that was formatted, so that file is at the root directory of SD card.
  • On first boot, the RECOVERY FAT partition will be automatically resize to minimum, and a list of OSes that are available to install will be displayed.
  1. How to format an SD card as FAT:

  If you are Windows user, format your SD card using SD Association’s Formatting Tool which can be downloaded,instructions for using tool are available on the same site.

Download SD formatted using link https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/eula_windows/index.html


NOOBS  available in two forms:offline and network install, or network install only.

The full version has Raspbian included, so it can be installed from the SD card offline,whereas using NOOBS Lite or installing any operating system required an internet connection.

Raspberry pi setup:

1.Insert SD card into the slot

2.Connect the Mouse and Keyboard

3.Connect display with HDMI

4.Connect power adapter

Red light indicate first sign of success.Later screen displays.

NOOBS has started. It’s asking for the OS option to choose for installation.Default it has option of Raspbian which is the supported OS for Raspberry Pi based Debian Linux. Other OS are also available by connecting to network, but it will require flushing of the SD Card and new NOOBS setup.

So select the default OS and click the insert(i) as shown below.


Within few minutes of installation,Raspbian is ready.


Problems Faced to installed:

1.Proper Power adapter should be used of 5v, 2A otherwise leads to problem will installing due to low/high power

2.After OS installed there is possibility of not booting in such case in config.txt file some changes are to be made according to the problems faced

Config.txt file


When booting up, the Raspberry Pi reads some configuration parameters from SD card. These parameters are stored in a file named config.txt and located in the /boot partition at /boot/config.txt. You can edit configuration file from a Mac, from a Linux PC, or from within the Raspberry Pi itself. Depending on the partitioning scheme of your SD card, the /boot partition may not be visible to Windows PCs. In such case, you need use either a Mac, a Linux PC or the Raspberry Pi to edit configuration file.

Configuration file contains instructions which are necessary to setup display. If you have problems with the display, you may need to connect the SD card to a PC so that you can edit configuration file. If the display is working but you wish to make minor adjustments, you may find it more convenient to edit the file from within the Raspberry Pi itself.

2.How to edit config.txt file:

This method is most useful if you cannot see anything on the display of the Raspberry Pi.

  • Shutdown your Raspberry Pi, remove the power and remove the SD card.
  • Put the SD card in your Mac’s card reader and wait for the card to appear on the Desktop.
  • Open the card in Finder.
  • See if there is a file called config (or possibly config.txt).
  • If file exists, open it with text edit. If not, create new file in textedit as Plain Text format.
  • Add the necessary configuration parameters.
  • Save the file as “config” and quit TextEdit.
  • In finder eject the SD card by dragging it to the Trash or clicking the eject button in the finder window.
  • Remove the SD card from the PC and insert it in the Raspberry Pi.

3.An Example config.txt file:

This example show how to reduce the size of the display to prevent text spilling off the edge of the screen.

3.Some cases you need to change the Keyboard language layout because the @ and “ will be swapped.

To change keyboard language layout watch youtube open below link


4.To write program we make use of visual editor. So open terminal and install vi or vim

Type below command on terminal

Sudo apt-get install vim