PIC18 Microcontroller – Short Term Course

About the course –

PIC Microcontrollers are used in electronics devices such as Smart phones, Audio accessories medical devices and systems like Computer control, Alarm, Embedded, Automotive, Security.

Duration of the course – 1 month .


A pc with installed windows, Basic knowledge of C programming and logic, microcontrollers.

Who can join this Course-

Working professionals who want to switch into embedded field.

Any students pursuing BE (ECE, EE,EEE,CS, IT) or Diploma in electronics, CS, IT.

Any students completes diploma/ graduate /post graduate in ECE, EE, CS.

Syllabus (Course Contents):-

  1. Introduction of PIC microcontrollers.

  2. Specifications of PIC microcontrollers.

  3. Basic Embedded C discussion.

  4. Installation of MPLAB software and Pkit3 drivers.

  5. Introduction to Software and hardware tools used for PIC microcontrollers.

  6. Making and Debugging First program in MPLAB and PIC18F.

  7. Interfacing PIC microcontrollers with different peripherals such as:

  1. LEDs
  2. 7 Seg Display
  3. LCD Display
  4. Stepper Motor
  5. Temperature Sensor.
  1. Project using above learning like i. Displaying temperature of temperature sensor on LCD display.

ii.Controlling Stepper motor with different switches and displaying rotation direction on LCD display.

Tools used:

  1. Software Tools such as MPLab X IDE, MPLab x IPE, Logic 1.8.20, HyperTerminal.
  2. Hardware tools such as PICkit 3 programmer, Logic analyzer, Multi-meter.
  3. PIC microcontroller development board.
  4. PIC microcontroller IC
  5. Programmer.


After completing the course:-

You’ll learn the fundamentals of PIC18 architecture and its simulation.

You’ll be familiar with software and hardware tools.

You’ll get hands-on experience of interfacing PIC microcontroller with different peripherals.

Able to do some mini projects using PIC microcontroller.

What next:-

We have other training based on this course such as:

  1. Communication protocol training.
  2. ARM Microcontrollers Course.
  3. PIC microcontroller based Mini Projects.
  4. PIC microcontroller based Major projects.
  5. Industrial level on-going project. (Contact us)  

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