Operators in C

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Operators in C :

There are a lot of symbols in C. One set of them we can call as operators. Operators are symbols which tell the computer to do some specific task. C is Rich with operators. They are mentioned below.
Before we proceed further consider A+B=C
Here A, B, C are the operands and ‘+’ is the operator. A+B=C is the operation.

a) Arithmetic Operators

All the arithmetic operations we can do with the arithmetic operators.

b) Relational Operators

These operators will check the relation between the two operands. Its output will come as true or false. If it is true it will execute the following code otherwise not.

c) Logical Operators

It will check the logical relationship between the two cases. Depending upon the logical operators we used and its condition it will give the result.

d) Bitwise Operators

As the name suggests bitwise operators work on bits and will do the operations on the bits.

e) Assignment Operators

Assignment operators will assign the value of an operand to another operand after the operation.

f) Misc Operators

These also called as special purpose operators. They also have a special function to complete.
All these operators above mentioned will explain in detailed in the next topics.