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Job Oriented Course After Electronics Engineering

Hello, Friend electronics and communication engineering are one of the evergreen branches of Engineering. A student who passes out from engineering does not have enough knowledge in the core field. If you want to do the job in the core field, the best ways to gain knowledge in embedded system to gain the knowledge you can join embedded system training in Bangalore.
If you are an Electronics and communication engineer (ECE/EE/EEE), then feel yourself as very lucky. You are having a tremendous opportunity for jobs. The main advantage of ECE branch is you can work in Core filed like embedded system, Embedded developer in R&D, Embedded tester, Embedded Device repairing, Embedded project development, Embedded C programmer, Telecom filed Networking. You can also work in technical marketing filed like embedded product marketing like UPS, consumer electronics products, Displays, video walls, projectors, IOT wearables, etc.
You may not be aware of which filed you can work. There are many fields in which you can work. So here we will discuss as many filed possible, but I want to say that there are many more filed is still possible you can get a job. This post is mainly cover where all ECE student can get a job. We will also cover in deeply all the pros and cons of those fields. So let’s start your journey called a career.

Embedded System Engineer:

The embedded systems engineer is the most promising job field in the current job field and in future also. For this job profile, the candidate should be good in programming and hardware side too. Candidate should be flexible in writing programs in C programming language, which most widely used in this field and by the knowledge or expertise in this programming language the candidate can work with any other languages which are used in this fields. The hardware side also should be good enough for the candidate. An embedded systems engineer develops the programs with respect to its hardware components. So the candidate must know how to read and understand the data sheets of required components and to develop.

For the best start in this field, it is better you join embedded training. With the course in the embedded system, you can full knowledge of the subject, it will help you get in the job. For training, you can choose Best embedded systems training in Bangalore.

Embedded C Developer /Firmware Engineer:

Another job field for the electronics and communication engineers can choose is embedded c Developer or firmware engineer. Where they will develop source codes for the requirement. For this profile, the candidate should be good in programming languages especially c language. Training programs towards embedded c development are available in the industry. Where the candidate will get the training in c language and will be able to develop the program for microcontrollers or microprocessors.
Students who are not that much interested in the hardware side can go with software development section in the embedded field. There are a lot of embedded systems training institutes are available in Bangalore and other cities in India. You can choose the top embedded training institute in Bangalore.

Linux Internal and Linux Device Driver

Nowadays there is much more application of the Linux operating system. Many companies are started using Linux as an operating system for their product. Being knowledge in Linux Internal and Linux Device driver it will defiantly be going to help in your career.
If you don’t know what is Linux Device Driver then, Hardware device functionality we can control through a program is called device driver. The career growth in this field is very high because in embedded field and in any other electronics or computer science filed we make use this field. What is the importance of making device drivers in Linux platform? Since most of the kernel is working in Linux because of its bug-free nature. So to get a job in this competitive field is get well trained from good institutes to sharpen your skills.
Salary in this field is very high. There are a lot of training institutes are available in this field to give the training. You can join the embedded course in Bangalore and find out embedded course cost if it matters you most, but the salary in this much-much higher than the training cost.

Embedded Hardware Engineer

Embedded hardware engineer designs and performs on the tiny chips what we called microcontrollers or microprocessors. They are not only working on the chips they will work on the required things which can help the chips to work as a system. They will design the hardware board required for the product and so on. Persons who are interested in the hardware or who is not that much keen about software jobs can choose this field. For this field no training institute available. In this filed normally companies higher fresher then give training according to company need. If you still want to join some course to start your career as hardware engineer then you can join embedded system Bangalore.

Embedded Tester:

This field also same as software testing. Embedded software testing is the testing of embedded systems. Embedded software is tested for their performance, consistency, quality and it will get validated as per the requirements of the client.
For the testing field job, the candidate should be aware of Automotive Embedded, Black Box Testing, System Testing, Test Engineer, Unit testing, White Box Testing, and HIL Testing. Knowledge in these fields can easily achieve through a training program.

PLC/SCADA Programming:

Programmable Logic Controller or PLC is a computing system these are used to control electromechanical processes. SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is also another type of industrial control system which is used to monitor and control facilities and infrastructure in big industries.

Students can take a training program in this field and can show their skills in this field of programming. This field is mostly working towards instrumentation field. So students who are more interested in electronics and instrumentation can choose this field. But the jobs in this filed is limited and now a day embedded the system is taking over the jobs related to PLC SCADA.

Due to limited jobs and shrinking, the filed salary in this field is very low as compared to the embedded system. Moreover, the engineer working in this filed does not work in the development, the main job is to do the configuration of the PLC device.

Telecom Installer:

This field of job requires some physical work from the employee. It involves the installation and repairs of the telecommunication devices. There are few training institutes which provide knowledge in this filed. Becoming a telecom installer is also another option for ECE job seekers. But the comparison with other above-mentioned jobs it will give less average salary and opportunity to learn new things. Due to telecom completion, this file is now a day having low demands.

RF Engineer:

Radiofrequency engineer is one of the core field jobs. The detailed training program in this field is not much popular duration can be 4-5 days only. Candidate should know about RF planning, cellular networks such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS.HSPA+, LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro, 5G, mmWave, Radar, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE/BT5.0, Zigbee, Satellite Communications, VSAT, two-way radio, Public Safety, testing, and simulation.

They also have to work on wireless systems also. Lack of skilled persons making this field more demand. In this field, jobs are less but the salary is very high. If you want to do jobs in this field then you need to direly apply to the company which is working in the field of telecom.

Networking Admin

Every company must have computers/Laptops when man computers are coming together and using the internet then we need some methods through which they can connect together.
Not only computer connectivity there are many more things that network engineer do like server maintenance, data security, VOIP connectivity, etc. Network administration is a job highly demands job in the industry. Because they will install, support and manage all the computers and networks in the companies which will ensure the flow of data or work is going without fail.
There are a lot of training programs and certification courses are available in this field to get the job. But there are a lot of trained peoples there in the field so the perks of the job are getting reduced. Each and every company need a network engineer. So trained resource candidate in this is having a very good career opportunity.
You can easily open your own company in this field, and earn huge money.

Technical Marketing:

Technical persons with good communication skills and the ability to impress people with their new product can have a bright future in this field. To become a technical marketing person the candidate should at least have good communication and thorough knowledge in the respective field. There is no specified training program in this field. But then also we can get some training on the marketing side.
If the candidate doesn’t have that much passion towards development area they choose this field as it is easy to get comparatively other development jobs in the core fields.

Equipment Installation and Maintenance Engineer:

Equipment installation and maintenance won’t demand that much from the technical side. The candidate should be aware of the company products and mainly how to install those. This field also doesn’t have any proper training program from outside. Because it mainly depends on the company products and it will change from company to company. Other benefits in this field comparatively lesser than developments. If the candidate wants to change his field to develop it will become a little hard for them.

Technical Contains Writer:

It’s a huge demanding field as every product development companies once they develop the products they need technical content writers to describe their products, it’s usage, maintenance, etc. (for product manual). This field requires good writing skills and knowledge in the products. We can’t take any training program in this field but then also we do to improve the writing skills in the required language.

Engineering College Faculty:

This a good choice for the people who are more interested in teaching. Who has good teaching sense? We can’t give any training to this field as it is somebody’s skill to make students get understand. Candidate should have a thorough knowledge of the subject for this profile. But the salary in this filed is limited.

Non-Core Jobs:

Software testing, Java developer, Big Data/Hadoop/AWS:

Though these jobs are technical these do not core jobs to ECE field. These jobs easily available in the market and number of training programs also available. Though these are easily available the benefits and growth in this field are less because in this field the number of students is getting trained in each year because of less training fee, a number of institutes, etc.

Non-Technical jobs Like BPO, Tele-caller:

Training is on the job only, no institutes are giving training for these. But people can take training in for their language improvement. These jobs will have a pretty good salary in the beginning but once the employee gets experienced then the higher posts will be highly filtered because this field is huge in a number of employees. So the increment in the salary or other benefits will become saturated once they got experienced. The ratio of growth will get slow compared to other development jobs.


There is a huge opportunity is available for ECE student, but the most promising field is embedded system development. There are many embedded system ideas which are yet to come out from your mind, once you have a clear idea about the product then you can start making them. Embedded system training cost is much lesser than any other training in the core filed. Once you do training then you can easily get a job in embedded filed.
The advantage of working in core filed is no other branch can come and replace you in the future. In all other filed it will be very easy to replace you, so in the future, you will get less salary. In core embedded filed nobody can replace easily. Choosing a profession after ECE is difficult. Then we should think about our passion or interest in each field. Once you determined to operate in one field try to get good training in the same. It will help you in the future to secure a good position.