IoT Training Course.

The future of technology is the Internet of Things. The complete Internet of Things(IoT) system integrates four distinct components: Sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing and user interface. The concept of IoT is mainly based on interconnecting physical devices embedded with electronics, sensors, software, network connectivity that allow IoT product to exchange and collect the data.

Pre- Requests:

Before joining this Course, you should have knowledge of C programming and basic knowledge of Microcontrollers and computers. You should have good understanding of internet, cloud and networking concepts.

Who can join this course?

Working professionals who want to switch into embedded field.
Any students pursuing BE (ECE, EE,EEE,CS, IT) or Diploma in electronics, CS, IT.
Any students completes diploma/ graduate /post graduate in ECE, EE, CS.


Introduction to IOT.
MQTT protocol.
IOT using Arduino Board – Temperature monitoring system using local internet / web interface.
IOT using Raspberry pi-Board – Irrigation system using mobile interface.
IOT using NODE MCU board – Home automation using Google voice commands.

Mini projects:

i. Temperature monitoring system.
ii. Irrigation system using mobile interface.
iii. Home automation using Google voice commands.


After completing this course, you’ll be able to :
i. Understand the role and working of the MQTT protocol.
ii. Internet of things using the Arduino board.
iii. Prepare the sensor projects.
iv. Understand the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Node MCU boards.

Take Away:

i. Certificate for the course.

What Next?
i. Linux internal
ii. Linux Device Drivers
iii. PIC Microcontroller
iv. STM32F0 ARM microcontroller.
v. STM32F7 ARM microcontroller.
vi. Assembly Language Programming.
vii. Communication Protocol Training.
viii. RTOS Course.
ix. Industrial level on going project.(Contact us)

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