How Embedded Systems Impact Your Everyday Life

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How Embedded Systems Impact Your Everyday Life:

An embedded system is an electronic device, it is having both hardware and software, that device is used to perform a user application or user is given task. It may or may not be programmable, depending on the application. We are living in the Embedded Magic-World. We are surrounded by many embedded products and our daily life largely depends on the functionalities of these gadgets such us Digital Watches, Smart TVs, Radio, video games, CD player of your living room, Rice cooker, Combo washer dryer or Microwave Oven in your kitchen, Card Readers, Palm devices, pen
cameras of our workspace enable us to do many of your tasks very effectively. Apart from all these, many embedded controllers in your life will take care of many activities like car operations adaptive cruise control and collision warning, the embedded system takes care of Mission Critical Systems (MCS) like nuclear reactor plant, production divisions, a flight control like weather detecting and collision avoidance etc. Which are expected to run continuously for years without errors and in some cases recover by them self if an error occurs? Nowadays Embedded Systems are
an integral part of all aspects of modern life so If you have any confusion in choosing a career I strongly suggest you embedded systems. Don’t study theory only you must go with practical so choose professional embedded training institutes in Bangalore for your practical assistance  Embedded system can be broadly classified into the following four categories:
  1. Standalone Embedded Systems – In this systems, that can work by themselves, in other words, they are self-sufficient, the processing and work are done by themselves. Examples include video game consoles, Music players and Micro ovens.
  2. Real-time Embedded Systems- where the embedded systems give an output within a specific time is called a Real-time Embedded System. They further classified into soft real-time and hard real-time embedded systems.
  3. Networked embedded systems – If an embedded system is connected to a network and their functioning is depended on their network is called Networked Embedded Systems. Examples include security systems and sensor systems.
  4. Mobile Embedded systems- The embedded system is meant for mobile communication are called Mobile embedded system and this includes mobile phones and tablets which is used for a functioning like calling internet etc.,

Here some advantages of Embedded systems are

  • There is no need to update the hardware
  • Concentration on user applications.
  • The flexibility of operating system requirements.
  • It occupies less area and low memory. So, it consumes less power.
  • Cost- Effective.

Where we used the Embedded Systems?

The Embedded Systems are widely used in all our daily applications around the world. Here, some applications are
  • Consumer electronics – Mobile phones, video game consoles, printers, Blu-Ray players, home entertainment systems, televisions, digital cameras, music players.
  • Household appliances – Washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners
  • Medical equipment – CT Scanners, Electrocardiogram (ECG), MRI Scanners, blood pressure monitors, heartbeat monitors
  • Automobiles – Electronic fuel injection systems, Car navigation system, Anti-lock braking systems(ABS), Pre-crash safety system, in-vehicle entertainment systems, air-conditioner controls.
  • Industrial applications – Assembly lines, multiple parameter monitoring systems, feedback systems, data collection systems Aerospace – Navigation systems, guidance systems, GPS Communications – Routers, network hubs, satellite phones.
Embedded systems are vital to the society, that they enable designing and gives the benefits from the technology while minimizing the cost and power consumption. Without embedded systems, our world looks like a vastly different than it visible today. This is time to choose an embedded systems courses in Bangalore for your career. As technologies and movements like the internet of Things, industrial applications, Smart homes and vehicles will become more and more important.

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