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The syllabus for the M1000 Advanced Embedded System Design course has been designed to align with industry requirements. It covers essential programming languages such as C, C++, and Python, along with Linux internals, FreeRTOS, and embedded systems using ARM and 8051. Additionally, the syllabus incorporates various domain-specific skills including power domain, IoT, telecom, and electric vehicles. This comprehensive curriculum aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in the field of advanced embedded system design..


We are committed to providing placement assistance to all our students, and we continue to support them until they secure a job. In the current job market, some companies require candidates to sign bonds ranging from 1-4 years. However, we assure our students that they will receive interview opportunities, and we encourage them to prepare themselves thoroughly to clear the interview process. We believe in equipping our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their careers.

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Yogesh Sharma

Over 20 years of Practical Experience !

The trainer possesses over two decades of experience in the field of embedded systems and has worked across diverse domains such as power, IoT, telecom, automotive, electric vehicles, and telematics. The trainer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (BE – ECE), a Master’s degree in Embedded Systems (MTech – Embedded System), and an MBA in Information Technology (MBA – IT). This extensive academic and professional background showcases the trainer’s expertise and proficiency in the field of embedded systems.

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We at our institute are committed to providing 100% job assistance to our students. We invest our utmost effort in securing placements for our candidates, and guarantee them interview opportunities. 

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Join our upcoming session batch in embedded systems and take the first step towards your dream career! Our comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you need to succeed in the fast-paced and dynamic world of embedded systems. With a focus on industry-relevant concepts and hands-on training, you’ll learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their field.

Our institute will provided 100% job assistance to our students. We give our full effort to get job/place. Candidate will definatly get the interview opportunity, student need to clear the interview. Now a days companies are asking for bonds for 1-4 years. We will be sharing all qualified student resume with company, its company decision to take keep sharing interview opportunity with student, untill student get one job. We are having a dedicated team how is working with the placements.

Course Syllubas

Course is divided into following Major headings

  • Basic Electronics and Digital Electronics.
  • Designing of power
  • Basic C.
  • Advance C
  • Embedded System
  • Embedded Tools
  • Embedded Projects
  • Linux Commands
  • Operating System Basics
  • Linux Internals
  • FreeRTOS
  • Arm Architecture
  • Important tools In Industries
  • IOT
  • IOT based Projects
  • Basic of CPP
  • Python Basic
  • Power Domain
  • Automotive Domain
  • EV – Electric Vehicle
  • Telecom And Networking
  • Hardware

Terms And Conditions

 Professional Training Institute:

1)This is completely practical and hands-on training. Students should be ready to solve program challenges. Here Thinking is required, So it is expected from students not search on the Internet/google and complete assignments.

2) Student has to solve the questions within a given time and submit the program in a specified mode.

3) In case of a student is having doubts he/she can ask any time with the instructor.

4) This is training on Zoom, students are expected to maintain decorum. Unnecessary disturbance to class is highly demoted, while student can send queries any time and ask.

5) Students need to keep the camera turned on during the class. This class is not a normal theory class, students need to solve many questions/programs during class. So a student should attend class in stable mode.

6) In case extra classes after conducted to cover up the extra knowledge or review old concepts, then students need to join those sessions as well.

7) We will also be conducting classes in the English language, Mock interviews, Communication skills, behaviour science, do and don’ts in interviews etc.

 Students definitely get the interview opportunity as and when they appear, it requests from students clear the interview as soon as possible, considering market volatility.

9) This fee includes all training and any kind of assistance required. the fee does not include hardware cost, which will be around 3000 + 18% GST, required after 3 months of training.

10) Fees are non-refundable.

11) Placement assistance will be provided only to the BE/MTech – ECE, EE, EEE, Mech-Tronics, CS, IT, MSc – Electronics.

12) We are not able to support placement for Diploma candidates in any streams, as for embedded most companies are asking for Engineering graduates. While if a student just wants to learn embedded system, then we ensure knowledge equal to any student.

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Our Offerings

  • M1000-Advance Embedded System Design syllabus design as per industries requirement. The syllabus contains C, CPP, Python, Linux Internal, Free RTOS, Embedded System using ARM and 8051. The syllabus also included many domain skills like Power Domain, IOT, Telecom, and Electric Vehicle.
  • Students need to purchase specified hardware so that the trainer and student have the same hardware.
  • Students need to purchase specified hardware so that the trainer and student have the same hardware.
  • Currently we are having a referral scheme, so you can refer your friends and get specified money. While taking admission students need to mention your name in the referral field. Once admission has been done then a referral can’t be added. Only Already registered students can refer new students.
  • Placement assistance will be provided only to the BE/MTech – ECE, EE, EEE, Mech-Tronics, CS, IT, MSc – Electronics.
  • Course Fee 54,343 ₹.
  • Join Immediately 75% Offer 15000 ₹ only for full course



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    Shreedhar G

    Tata Elxsi

    I had a great experience studying on this PT Institute platform. The practical knowledge provided was invaluable and helped me to develop new skills quickly. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to advance their career and learn new things. The instructors were knowledgeable and responsive to my questions, which made the learning process even better. Overall, a fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations!

    Additionally, the platform was very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I appreciated the variety of courses available, which allowed me to customize my learning journey to fit my specific interests and career goals. The online community provided a supportive environment where I could connect with other learners and exchange ideas. The platform also offered flexible scheduling options, which was a huge plus for me as a working professional. Overall, I am thrilled with my experience and look forward to continuing my education on this platform.


    P Sunita


    In PT Institute embedded systems course is truly exceptional and has opened up so many doors for me in my career. The instructors are experts in the field and have a passion for teaching that is contagious. They provide hands-on training that is both challenging and rewarding, giving me the confidence and skills needed to tackle complex projects. I was impressed with the depth of the course material and the attention to detail in every aspect of the curriculum.

    But what really sets this institute apart is the community they’ve built. From day one, I felt welcomed and supported by my classmates and instructors alike. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate on projects, making the learning experience both fun and engaging. And with access to the latest technologies and tools, I feel confident that I’m gaining the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field.


    R. Kishore


    This PT institute is the real deal! I never thought I could get so excited about learning, but the instructors here have a way of making every topic come to life. From the high-tech labs to the fun, interactive lessons, everything about this institute is designed to spark your curiosity and ignite your passion for learning. I can’t wait to see what new adventures await me as I continue my educational journey here!

    “If you’re looking for an institute that offers a top-notch embedded systems course, then look no further. Joining this institute was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to see where my newfound skills and knowledge will take me!”

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