• First up all we must be aware about the future scope of embedded.
  • It is a very vast field in  which u can work all the way from architecture down to the implementation level logic.
  • The various exciting domains in the field of embedded include:-
    1. Firmware engineer
    2. Firmware test engineer
    3. Software test engineer
    4. Systems integration engineer
    5. Firmware validation engineer.
  • The world of embedded is forever evergreen and yield a bright future for the budding electrical engineers of the 21st century.
  • The main core areas that u can work on when working in the embedded industry are:-
  1. After sales supporting team
  2. Development side
  3. Future updates in the application
  4. Systems architecture engineer.


  • If you are really keen to be an embedded developer then u can’t just ignore the hardware limitations of the microprocessor used.
  • This above statement means that the coding must be appropriate and fine tuned to the hardware specifications.
  • Related Documents: http://www.ptinstitute.in/embedded-c-tutorial/ 



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