Embedded C Compiler

Embedded C Compiler


A compiler translates the high level programming languages in which programs are written into the machine languages so that the microprocessors which are embedded in electronic products can actually understand.

Where the compilation is process of converting the high-level programming into the machine language.

A compiler executes four major steps:

  • Scanning:

The scanner reads one character at a time from the source code and keeps track of which character is present in which line.

  • Lexical Analysis:

the sequence of characters which appear in the source code are converted by compiler into a series of strings of characters which are also known as tokens, these are associated by a particular rule by a program which is called a lexical analyzer. The lexical analyzer uses symbol table to store the words in the source code that correspond to the token generated.

  • Syntactic Analysis:

The third step includes performing the syntactic analysis,this step is performed to check whether the tokens which are generated during lexical analysis are in correct order as per their usage. The set of keywords which are in correct order, which leads to expected result is called as syntax. To ensure the syntactic accuracy the compiler has to check the source code.


  • Semantic Analysis:

The fourth step is semantic analysis.this step includes many intermediate steps.

The first step is to check the structure of tokens along with their orders with respect to the given language grammar.the parser and analyzer interpret the meaning of the token structure to generate an intermediate code, which is called the object code. The object code contains the instructions which represents the processor action for a particular token when encountered in program. Lastly the full code is parsed and interpreted to check is their any optimizations are possible. Once the optimization process is performed, the correct modified tokens are inserted in the main object code to produce the final object code, which will be inside the file.

Some of the compiler available for embedded c are


IAR C/C++ Compilers by IAR systems.

Intel C compiler by intel

Keil C/C++ Compilers by Keil company.

Ch by SoftIntegration, Inc.

XL c by IBM.

There are different compilers are available for embedded c.the selection of compiler for embedded depends on the architecture of embedded system.

         The most often used compiler is “ported” gcc compiler and another popular compiler is keil.for a standard architecture/CPU supported by GCC, then GCC should be good.

The good software for ARM might be Keil or IAR C compilers. IAR also supports ot many other processors and microcontrollers.


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