Q1.What is embedded BSP?

A1. BSP is a commonly used embedded industry term implying a certain  source or else binary software package for quickly building an embedded operating system on a hardware platform.

  • In Windows CE, a BSP is a collection of the following:-

1)drivers and OEM Adaptation Layers

2) hardware abstraction layers

3) BIOS files necessary to allow an operating system to boot and make the peripherals function on a board.

Q2. Are BSP’s customisable or are they fixed by the user(non rootable)?

A2. Yes they can be user designable as well.

  • It enables to update the existing  drivers so that the user can specify which particular routines to be embedded in the firmware soas to match the software-hardware changes.
  • Eg:- An individual on board chip may be equipped with more than one graphic card.

So in that condition the BSP designer has to equip the corresponding graphic cards with the corresponding software drivers.

Q3. Are there any extra developer tools available in the BSP?

  • A3.Yes not all but some BSP developers include a toolchain inside the BSP known as root file system to configure the system during run time.
  • Most of the Real time operating system developers may include aiding tools such as:-
  1. Utilities
  2. Templates
  3. Developers assistance
  • These tools encourage more and more developers to design their own BSP.

Q4. List out the primary functions of a BSP?

A4. They are as follows:-

  1. Start up the processor
  2. Start up the data bus
  3. Start up the controller interrupt(microcontroller)
  4. Ready the  clock signal
  5. Ready the RAM settings
  6. Arrange the segments
  7. Startup the bootloader and then run it from flash memory(USB or EEPROM)

Q5. In which year was the term BSP coined it and who are the founders?

A5. The original developers were Hunter and Ready and the year was 1981 when they discovered the hardware dependent software.

  • It was virtually implemented in almost all Real time Operating Systems.

Q6. What were the basic elements/standard files present within the BSP in addition to the other  files?

A6. The basic files included in one of the BSP(Wind River Board) for example are:-

  1. Configuration header files(config.h)
  2. The makefiles for each individual BSP
  3. Boot ROM file
  4. Reference target files
  • Also it included these standard C library files:-
  1. Primecellsio.h- TTY driver
  2. Pcilomapshow.c- Shows the corresponding mapping file for the PCI driver
  3. Syslib.c- the routines for system that are specific to the BSP board
  4. Rominit.c – starting ROM module for the BSP board that comprises of images running from ROM

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