• It is particularly  the layer of software that contains certain routines and hardware drivers.
  • The term BSP was coined by the individuals Hunter and Ready those who had discovered the Versatile real time executive (VRTX).
  • To be honest speaking in the virtual sense almost all the Real time Operating Systems employ this erm BSP.



  1. To start the processor
  2. To start the bus
  3. To start the controller interrupt
  4. To initialise the clock signal
  5. To start the RAM(Random access memory) settings.
  6. To arrange the segments (configuration)
  7. To initialize load the bootloader and then afterward run it from flash memory.


  • Config.The configuration library  files(config.h) ROM_SIZE and RAM-HIGH_ADRS.
  • A lot of C files:-
  1. Flashmem.c
  2. Syslib.c
  3. Rominit.s
  4. Primecellsio.c driver
  5. Pcilomapshow.c – PCI bus mapping files.


  • The board support package known as Wind River support package ARM integrator 920-T comprises of the following elements also in addition to the above mentioned items:
  1. A makefile defining binary files of Vxworks.
  2. A ROM file reserved for booting that lists out the parameters for the physical board.
  3. A reference file know an as target reference file(target.ref) that comprises of particular board settings such as jumper/switch settings.

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