Embedded block diagram

Embedded System is not a specific type of system. It can be part of any small or big system and its act like a brain of that system. it vary from each other in different ways. It is  very much in use in our daily life. They can range from a simple Digital Clock, or washing machine or calculator or a wireless network adapter to a mobile phone. They can be very small as in medical systems or very big as in satellites or projectile systems.

A generic block diagram could be thought of as something like this:

The above diagram is just example block diagram of embedded system for the application of digital thermostat.

While you are going to make a block diagram. You should remember all those things(input unit,output unit, controlling part, memory etc..)

In below i mentioned what are the input unit and output units and controlling units.

  • Keypad- input
  • Processor/controller – control part
  • Display-output
  • ADC-input
  • Thermostat circuit- input
  • Heater /ac control – output

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