• It is the act of running a program, multiple programs in order to evaluate the relative performance of an object(an application) by running a set of standard tests against it.
  • It is an unique method for comparing the various subsystems across the chipset of an entire motherboard.
  • Commonly used software application uses databases or compilers to derive the results.


  • Just as the rapidly progressing complex architectural processors exists in the modern age so must a unique method to evaluate to compare the performance of each of these processors in various domains.

for eg:- Graphics, heating, 3d benchmark, frames per second(FPS)


  • It’s not a piece of cake when it comes to benchmarking.It involves several repetitions tedious processes to come down to one final conclusion.
  • Often malpractices from other vendors can happen in the widely competitive world today in order to achieve their desired results and reputation.



  • Real programming:


  • A software tool of CAD
  • The word processing software
  • User’s application software
  1. Component benchmark:
  • Measures the computer’s basic performances of basic components.
  1. KERNEL:
  • Comprises certain keycodes
  • The produced results are presented in MFLOPS.

4. Synthetic benchmark:

  • They are of two types:-
  1. Whetstone
  2. Dhrystone
  • They were initially the first purpose benchmarks which however does not pull up big numbers for the widely popular modern pipelined computers.


          1.Initially take the stats from all application.

          2.Get proportion of each computation.

          3.Write a program based on the proportion above.

  1. Input/Output benchmarks
  2. The benchmarks for databases: Measuring response time and throughput(DBMS).
  3. Parallel benchmarks: Utilises multiples core/ processors or systems comprising of multiple machines.


1. Geekbench(3D performance checking)

2.ANTUTU(ARM devices testing app)

3.Sunspider(Web speed test)

Fig 1. Antutu benchmarks of various phones

Fig 2. 3D benchmarks for iphone(iOS OS) for the game fly a bit