Embedded Automotive embedded question:

  1. Why pre is faster than post?
  2. Consider the two statements below and point out which one is preferred and why?
  3. Size of Stack and Heap?
  4. Size of Function within stack?
  5. Memory representation of char, int and float?
  6. How to find the controller is 8 bit or 16 bit or 32 bit using C program?
  7. How the size of int is decided? Is it true that the size of int will depend on the processor? For 32-bit machine, it will be 32 bits and for 16-bit it’s 16.
  8. How to prevent same header file getting include multiple times?
  9. How to call a function before main() function?
  10. Can a program be compiled without main() function?
  11. Can a variable be both volatile &constant?
  12. Why global variables are evils?
  13. How to optimize loop Operation?
  14. What will be the output of following code?
  15. Stack Push and Pop Function?
  16. What is Modular Programming?
  17. String and Array related program?
  18. What is Pragma Pack?
  19. C small questions?
  20. C small codes: –
  21. Why do we prefer Active Low Signal?
  22. Size of integer depends on?
  23. Can devices be added & removed while the system is running in I2C?
  1. How many numbers of devices can be connected to i2c bus?
  2. What is the address in i2c bus?
  3. Is it possible to have multiple master in i2c bus?
  4. In write transaction, the master monitor the last ACK and issue stop condition? T/F
  5. In read transaction, the master does not ACK last byte it receive and issue stop condition? T/F
  6. How will the master indicate it is either address/data? How it will intimate to the slave that master is going to either read/write?
  7. Numbers of devices can be connected to SPI bus?
  8. Is it possible to have multiple master in SPI bus?
  9. How will master convey that it is stopping transmission of data?
  10. How to select slave in SPI bus?
  11. Can devices be added & removed while the system is running (hot swapping) in SPI?
  12. Is it possible to connect slave in daisy chain? What is the role of shift register in master and 7? Slave in SPI?
  13. Duplex communication is possible by simultaneously using MOSI & MISO during each SPIclock cycle? T/f
  14. What are the function of can transceiver?
  15. Can you have two transmitters using the same exact header field?
  16. Why can is having 120 resistor at each end?
  17. Why can is message oriented protocol? Can logic what it follows?
  18. What happen when two can node is sending same identifier at the same time?
  19. What is the speed of CAN?
  20. What is the use of SRR (substitute remote request) bit?
  21. What is difference between standard CAN and extended CAN?
  22. What is the difference between rs-485 and can?
  23. In SPIand I2C which one is when to use?