• With respect to computational physics and  chemistry it is a method of approximation
  • I necessarily describes the energy between two successive atoms which is known as inter atomic potential.
  • EAM is related to the theory known as tight binding.
  • These methods are also known as Finns Sinclair model.


  • Within a simulation the necessary potential energy of an atom is given by:-


  • Rij is the corresponding distance between the atoms i and j.
  • The potential function is denoted by the symbols fi(i,j).
  • The embedding function F implies the force required to implant an atom of the type alpha inside the electron cloud.


  • Having said that the electron cloud is essentially the summation of many atoms by a cut off radius.


  • Within Binary alloys the EAM energy(potential) requires 7 individual functions:-
  1. 2 electron cloud distributions
  2. 2 embedding functions
  3. 3 pair interactions(B-B,A-B,A-A)
  • Usually these functions are tabulated with the aid of tables and extended using cubic splines.

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