• In the modern times as of now there exists many electronic embedded devices which has become the choice of many to live an easy accessible lifestyle.
  • They communicate necessarily over a Wi-fi connection.
  • The embedded device should comprise of


  • Its primary role is to provide its clients through using the protocol http.
  • These servers can manage any types of message protocol.


  • The well known protocol(Hypertext transfer protocol) comprises of two main functions:-


  • GET
  • POST


  • The GET function  is used to necessarily  download a particular resource situated at a specified location such as he URL
  • Response to a particular  GET request contains the resource, aided  by the HTTP header information
  • As soon as someone clicks on  a link in a web browser to go to a new page, they are necessarily sending a GET request.
  • The server then requests  the HTML page situated at the URL they click.
  • The POST function  is used to submit data from the web browser back to the server.
  • The particular  request will be generated when someone clicks on “Submit” button.
  • The most basic web server has no ability to process a POST request as they have no idea how to process the data within the request.
  • Reliability must be on another program/utility in order  to process the particular data.







  • The embedded web applications generally should  be able to allow the web functionality influence the device operation .
  • The main idea is that the  remotely located browser must be able to communicate with the system.
  • The  web server has absolutely no defined ability
  • Therefore everything that is beyond the simple processing of HTTP have to be written as an integral part of system development.
  • low-level code that interacts directly with system hardware will mostly be written in C.
  • Since  these routines are so system-specific, they need to be written during development.

The main  challenge is that the web server has absolutely  no way of accessing these routines,

  • Therefore some vital method of connecting these two codes must be created.
  • Two necessary  high-level elements that ought to  be created are:
  • Access for the web browser in order  to invoke another program;
  • A particular  program which can process an HTTP request , thereafter from the particular request information and finally invoke the corresponding C code.







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