• It is a marketing technique that refers to specific brand or products corporated into work.
  • It is the act of promoting the product on the social media platform in order to reach out to a wide range of audiences.


  • It began in the 19th century Jules verne was the first to publish his adventure “Around the world in eighty days” which became a sensational hit at those times. In his story transport ships to lobby were mentioned in the story.
  • Another form of embedded advertising is the inclusion of photography next to prominent personalities photographs.
  • It was very common technique employed  usually in cinematics.Suppose a feature debut film is about to be released within a week.
  • The marketers will be keen to advertise their product through the movie whilst paying a large sum of money to do so.


  • Embedded advertising is mainly of two types:-


  • Basic product placement:


  • Here primarily the logo or name of the brand is visible but does not attract enough customers.


  1. Advanced product placement:

Here the product name is directly mentioned with full names in the movie/TV show.


The idea of placing contemporary products into existing  digital content is an added advantage for the marketing scheme.

The use of hypervideo techniques can spice things up in the domain of advertising.


  • Another important form of marketing is that of brand integration.
  • For eg:- The widely popular movie Jurassic World featured Ford cars and various other commercial products.

NFL(National Football League):

  • During 1991, the league permitted uniform suppliers to display their NFL endorsed products on television, since then NIKE has become a major brand for sports and became their official uniform supplier.

Fig 1. An Intel product placement.



  • The advertised placements can either be sound only visual only or a combination of both.




  • The well known 20th century FOX studios uses their own sisters i.e., Fox news and Sky news in their movies, where a character in the movie states that the audience watches one of these channels as a form of self promotion tactics.




  • A British author Fay Weldon published the “Bulgari connection” which was the first connection between product placement and literature according to the ”Independent news”.




  • Television stations and radio are governed by the government but not the independent selling music artists and other labels.


  • This leads the marketers to play their card well in the lyrics of artists and other widely popular musicians.


For eg:- Britney Spears Hold it against me video advertised Plenty of fish(online dating service) and Sony commercial products in her video.




  • In video games such as the “Sims” and popular game Battlefield, the intel processors are widely advertised to maximise their market by highlighting its superior performance for heavy gamers.


  • Apple for example has been featured in Pixar studios animation movies as a homage to its founder Steve Jobs(early investor).


  • In DC’S Green arrow movie Windows versions 8,9,10 have been used by the characters as a ploy of embedded advertising.




  • Many airlines companies have advertised their services in movies.


  • For eg:- American airlines was advertised on the popular kids movie “HOME ALONE”.


  • Similarly Turkish Airlines was endorsed in DC comics “Batman VS Superman” which resulted from the deal between them(Warner bros and turkish airlines).




  • They directly initiate famous actors or superstars to advertise their products in their movies or music videos in order to attract the mass audiences predominantly youngsters.




  • Reese’s Pieces a sort of sweets like M&Ms succeeded in their market by featuring in the movie ET(Extra terrestrial).


  • It was originally intended for the endorsement of M&M candies but the company turned down the offer which was then offered toby “Reese’s Pieces” company who took the opportunity to cash in.


  • As  result Reese’s Pieces products sales tripled and ironically some  retailers had trouble meeting the demand of customers as well due to the impending success of the product.