Let’s see some of the abbreviations which are used in embedded c.

We have different abbreviation for embedded  in different fields.


Abbreviation                                    where it used.

EMB-                           Embedded Embedded Software Military, Army and WAR

ET-                               Embedded Training Military, Army, Development

EOC-                            Embedded Operations Channel Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications

E.S –                             Embedded Solutions Development, Technology, Design

eVB –                           eMbedded Visual Basic Technology, Pocket, Windows, Microsoft

ES                                Embedded System Technology, Education, Electronics, Engineering

EC –                             Embedded Connectivity Microchip, Technology, Business

EL-                              Embedded Linux Linux, Technology, Development

EWS-                          Embedded Web Server Technology, Printer, Networking
EP-                             Embedded Passives Capacitor, Technology, Substrate, Power

EMBD-                       Embedded Technology, Aircraft,aviation.

EMBDD-                    Embedded Science.

EMBED-                     Embedded Drawing,construction,design.

EA-                              Embedded Address

EP –                             Embedded Profile