• Literally speaking E-  book is an electronic form of book publication.
  • It consists of either text, images or other form of digital media embedded into it.
  • They can be viewed on e-readers(electronic reading devices).
  • It can also be viewed on the personal desktops, and other commonly used electrical devices such as tabs, etc.


  • During the year of 1930 Bob Brown invented the E – reader.
  • The way he wanted it to be was implied in his quote that suggested the it should be portable and it must have the ability to view thousands of these documents within our palm.

An example of E -reader from Amazon


  • He predicted the following features would be implemented in near future:
  1. The text can be user adjustable
  2. Recycle paper by saving more trees
  3. Miniaturisation of devices
  4. Should create a entertaining and engaging environment for the reader to dive into.

Fig 2. The very first embedded book.


  1. They are more suited to old people who has impaired vision or low eyesight.
  2. Many older men or women would not prefer these devices as they enjoy reading the traditional book itself.
  3. Insufficient privacy credited to the reader  as many third party applications tend to gather personal info from user.
  4. The books that are printed are usually regarded as an object in traditional culture.

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