• Embedded C is necessarily an extended version of C.It is required to suit the modern embedded applications such that the programming hassle free, optimizable  and time efficient in producing an executable code (hex format dumped into microcontroller).

Fig 1. A typical example of c console for ATM banking options


C Programming Embedded C PROGRAMMING
  • C:- It is a general purpose high level programming language. Its founder is Dennis Ritchie in the 1970 era.
  • It was discovered by an ISO group a.k.a Extensions for Programming Language C to program Embedded Processors”
  • Typically used for the modern desktops.
  • Used for microcontroller based applications eg. 8051, PIC etc.
  • It can utilize sufficient memory resources such as PC memory and RAM
  • It can use only very limited resources such as internal ROM, RAM and Input output resources.
  • Comprises only of the standard C data types such as  functions, variables, structures, unions , linked lists and
  • Contains extra features such as input/ output register mapping, multiple memory and fixed point.
  • The C compilers(ANSI) usually yields system dependant executables.
  • Here the compilers need to create the output in hex format in order to be dumped into the microprocessor.
  • Has a console
  • Generally console is absent.
  • It is in its purest form with basic C syntaxes and declarations.
  • It is essentially an aggregation of assembly and C language.
  • C produces .exe file as executables which is usually executed on a console.
  • Embedded C produces hex file as executables to be dumped into microprocessor
  • C++ is another extension of C which is like a successor.
  • It has all the high level programming features of C language
  • Introduced Reusability in data types such as variables and functions etc.
  • Makes use of reusability feature in C so as to release updates more frequently over the existing firmwares of applications.

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