Communication Protocols Training.

Communication protocols are the set of rules used for communication between 2 or more devices using the physical medium. Protocols can be implemented using software or hardware or a combination of both. Each protocol has its own application area. RS232, RS485, CAN, SPI, I2C, MODBUS, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth are the different types of protocols used in Embedded Systems.
Who is willing to join this course should have knowledge of C programming, microcontrollers like 8051, PIC, ARM.

Who can join this Course:
 • Working professionals who want to switch into embedded field.
 • Any students pursuing BE (ECE, EE,EEE,CS, IT) or Diploma in electronics, CS, IT.
 • Any students completes diploma/ graduate /post graduate in ECE, EE, CS.

We offer communication protocol training for protocols like:
i. I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) – It is used to connect the ICs on a single board. (Ex- Real-time clock IC and PIC IC). There are many ICs available which supports I2C interface such as PIC 16, 18 family, etc.)

ii. SPI( Serial peripheral interface) – It is 4 wire duplex bus. We can connect multiple devices (ICs) using SPI protocol, each device connects to the master with a separate select line and master selects only one device at a time.

iii. UART(Universal Asynchronous Receive/ Transmit):
It is not the protocol like I2C or SPI, however, it’s the
physical circuit in the microcontroller or standalone
IC. (Forex: Max232). It’s used to transmit and receive serial data.

iv. Basics of CAN(Controller area network) – Mostly used in the Automotive field. CAN is frequently referred to as CANbus in which data is delivered in 8 bytes packets. There are various ICs that support CAN protocol such as PIC18 family.
v. Modbus:- Modbus protocol is the most widely used protocol in industries. It is mainly used in the Automation filed. Knowledge of Modbus protocol is very advantages for the student those who want to make a career in an embedded system.

Duration of the Course: 1 month.


After completing this course you’ll be able to :
i. Write programs for different types of communication protocols using different types of microco0ntrollers such as PIC, ARM M7, etc.
ii. Interface microcontrollers with different ICs using the protocols.

What next:
We offer various training such as:
• Linux device drivers
• Assembly Language Programming
• Advanced C + Data Structures.
• STM32F030R8 microcontroller training.
• IoT.
• Arduino Training.

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