C Topic

Questions on Data Types, Operators and Expressions

Variable Names

Data Types and Sizes in c



Arithmetic Operators in C

Relational & Logical Operators

Type Conversions

Increment and Decrement Operators

Bitwise Operators

Assignment Operators & Expressions

Conditional Expressions

Precedence and Order of Evaluation

Questions & Answers on Control Flow Statements

If-then-else Statements

For Loops

Switch Statements

While Loops

Goto & Labels

Break and Continue

Questions on C Functions and Structure of a Program

Basics of Functions

Functions Returning Non-integers

External Variables

Scope of a Variable

stoarage classes in functions


File Inclusion

Macro Substitution

Conditional Compilation

compilation and execution of c

Questions & Answers on Arrays


Two diamensional Array

Questions and Answers on pointers


Pointers and Addresses

Pointers and Function Arguments

Address Operator

Pointer Arithmetic

Pointers to Pointers

Pointers and Functions

Initialization of Pointer Arrays

Pointer and 1-D Array and 2-D Array

Pointers and Multi-dimensional Arrays

Array of Pointers

Pointers to Functions

Dynamic memory allocation

Questions on Strings

String constant

String library Functions

String pointers

Array of strings

Array of pointers to string

Questions on Structures, Unions, and Bit-Fields

Basics of Structures

Structures and Functions

Arrays of Structures

Array within structure

Pointer to Structures

Pointers within structures

Self-Referential Structures




Questions & Answers on Input and Output

Standard Input & Output

Formatted Output

Formatted Input

File Access

Error Handling

Line Input & Output

Character Class Testing & Conversions


Storage Management

Mathematical Functions

Random Number Generation


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