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Those who love to program are aware of what C language is and how important it is to learn the C language.  Maybe that is the reason that more and more people are moving towards the C language course. Let us know first what C language is?  C is a structural function-oriented language, used mainly for the low-level programming. The C language is almost 50 years old, but its popularity has not declined so far and it is still one of the most used languages in the programming world. C language can be tightly coupled with the bare metal hardware and can easily be used to modify hardware registers and parameters. Even today we are having so many operating systems working on C language like Unix, Linux, Android, MAC OS (objective C) etc. As a Professional Training Institute, we are conducting the C programming classes in Bangalore to reach the top in career.

Taking the popularity of C language into consideration various training institutes offer both online and offline c programming language courses, but not all provide the quality training. Therefore, when it comes to the best institute for C language in Bangalore, Professional Training Institute emerge as the best choice. But what makes us different? The first thing is that our faculty is highly experienced and they have the potential to instill deeper and better understanding of language in you. So once the course is completed, you will be able to read, write and understand the most complex and difficult program of C language. Apart from this, we provide such an environment where more emphasis is given on practical rather than the theory. Students are given sufficient time to learn and implement the program in the class itself. Along with this, we offer tests and exercise modules from time to time to measure the performance and to make sure you are on the right track.

We might wonder now and then that the C language is a good career choice or not? Well, let me tell you that C language has a very wide applicability. Almost all embedded systems training in Bangalore, Linux based system, Objective C, System programming, Compiler design etc. use C as a programming language. Various fields like automotive, medical, Avionics, consumer electronics, navigation uses C language overwhelmingly. Based on these facts, we can say that the scope in C language is very wide and the market is full of opportunities for those who are good programmers. Are you ready to grab one? Join a C language crash course and get armed.

C Programming classes in Bangalore Course Syllabus

We have designed the C language course is such a manner that it covers all the important topics. We believe that if your foundation is strong, then you can touch the pinnacle of success, therefore we start from very basic and reach the highest level of proficiency.

  • Basic C  – Data types, qualifiers, Array, Pointers.
  • User Defined Datatype – Combination of Structure and union. • Bit fields in Structure. • pointers to structure and union. • The advantage of Structure and union
  • Function Pointers– Function pointers. • Callbacks. • Advantage/use of functions pointers Dynamic memory allocation – Dynamic memory allocation • Malloc • Calloc • free • re-alloc functions.
  • File operations– Opening A file Closing a file Writing some data in the file and reading back and printing. The different mode in which file can be open and write.
  • String operation  – Srtcpy strcmp strcat stolen strstr.


One of the best qualities of the C language is that it is static in nature which means it was somewhat similar 50 years ago and not going to change much in the next 50 years. Which makes it a reliable and better career choice. The C language is so flexible that no other language can perform half of the task with half of the efficiency as it does. Which gives you another reason why you should learn this language?

The Professional Training Institute is regarded as the top institute for Advance C language in Bangalore and the reason behind this is that we are committed to making you the best C language Programmer. We are always available for you even after the completion of the course. You can come up with any doubts or queries anytime. We are always ready to help you grow.

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