C Program to Find LCM of Two Number

Write a C Program to find lcm of two number ?

Today, let’s learn how to find LCM of two numbers in C Programming Language. But before executing the program, we will see what is LCM.
Least common multiple (LCM) The least common multiple (LCM) of two numbers is the smallest number that they both divide evenly into. In simple language,the smallest positive number that is a multiple of two or more numbers.
for example:

Code of the C Program to calculate the LCM of two numbers:

int main()
int n1,n2,i,lcm;
printf(“enter the value of n1,n2”);
scanf(“%d %d”,&n1,&n2);
for(i=2;i<=n1 && i<=n2;i++)
if(n1%i==0 && n2%i==0)
return 0;

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