Boot loader

When we turned on a computer might be near with the boot-up sequence as computer flashes lines of text on screen ahead the Windows logo come into view. Embedded bootloaders work much the same way, but since embedded processors enfold a much substantial range of applications , what embedded bootloaders do differs based upon the architecture and the application. Bootloaders for embedded systems are also additional often cramped to a smaller size versus computers.

Let’s start. It is a program that starts whenever a device is powered on to activate the right OS. This is not only a trait reserved to Android, but also one that can be find out all devices with an operate, be it a tablet, a smartphone, a PC etc.

It may occur that a device, a computer for example, may be provide with two different OS that is dual boot. In which case, either one or the other bootloader will start, that all be contingent on the user’s predilection or what has been pre-programmed to happen automatically. The same principle also applies to Android devices, excluding there is only one OS in this case. It excluding when to run Android or when to invade recovery mode, which is an independent runtime environment in a segregation from the main Android operating system that can be find on all android.