Bluetooth Stack Implementation

The evolution of the Bluetooth stack is following a bottom-up evolution methodology, designing and writing each software layer in succession from the knee-high layer first, to the highest and most distracted layers last. This progression make certain that one and all layer was in a way that is practical and useful, rather than attractive correct and could be substantiate before the higher layers were execute. This suited the process of developing or being developed of the Bluetooth stack—and, indeed, most software stacks— as each higher software layer is dependant uniquely on lower logical layers in the stack

Software Overview

The software layers implemented in the completed Bluetooth stack

Each software layer was executed as a discrete pair of source code module files, written in the C language and select as an object of attention towards the C99 language specification. Configuration for the stack is discovered in the file, which must be included in the user application to control the stack. By typical, only the Bluetooth stack core is unsegregated; services must be linked into the stack manually via the on the assumption that event and callback routines to provide service-level functionality on top of the foundation stack functionality. This includes the SDP server service; while generally a core essential of most Bluetooth devices, it may be leave out in applications not reveal server role services to save space in the resulting application binary.


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