Best Embedded System Projects Ideas for Final Year Students

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Best Embedded System Projects Ideas for Final Year Students

Embedded system is a look like a computer system, it is the combination of both hardware, and software, it is normally designed to perform the several operations like data accessing, processing that data and data storing in the real-time applications. Embedded system is fastest growing in day-to-day life and also increasing the institutes for embedded training, there are a number of embedded systems training institutes, who are giving training for embedded systems. Embedded systems projects are possibly the group of projects, particularly with regarding the electronics & electrical students. For completing the whole embedded project, we need to study about the Embedded System course and we are the Professional Training Institute, we will train the students to be good in the embedded systems, we will teach to the students how to develop a project and what we need learn when you are doing a project. While choosing any embedded system course we need to join in the best-embedded system training institute. Here, you will find the top embedded training institutes in Bangalore as well. Nowadays, there are many ways to build our carrier. But when it comes to ECE/EEE/EE student then we are having very fewer options. Students are having a few top Technologies for doing projects are on VLSI/SCADA-PLC/ and Embedded system. If you are interested to do projects, then one of the best and core field is an embedded system. I will discuss with you how to build a project on Embedded System, if we have done more projects on embedded systems then we will have a successful career in the embedded system.

Embedded systems are found in simple devices like television remote controls, calculators & microwave and also in more complicated devices like medical, home security, traffic control systems and military etc.., nowadays many engineering students are interested to do simple embedded projects to build their carrier on jobs in the embedded systems and improving the practical knowledge. We can use 8051 Microcontroller, PIC, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi controllers to build embedded projects. For doing any embedded project we need to aware of embedded courses. Here, we are giving some list of embedded systems.

1. Vehicle Tracking By GPS – GSM
2. Automatic Bell System for Institutions
3. Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle.
4. Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle.
5. IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle.
6. Design and Implementation of a Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle.
7. RFID Based Device Control and Authentication Using PIC Microcontroller.
8. Temperature Controlled Fan Projects.
9. Design of Embedded Security Door Lock System
10. Communication between two PC using ZigBee.

The above are some of the embedded projects and firmware developers need to have good knowledge about hardware development and understand the internal workings of an embedded processor. Embedded Software Development generally involves below steps:
1 Development of product based on our requirement
2 Coding
3 Hardware Development
4 Testing.

embedded system project ideas - PTInstitute

1. Development of Product based on our Requirement:

We need to choose a project, which we are going to design, and we need to add some more features if we are doing an existing project. We need to gather all the required components and an overview idea of the project and we need to select a particular controller which will help for easy designing. We need to gather all the components and study of each component how they are working and how we need to interface with the controller. Then make an algorithm for the project which we need to design, then analyze how it needs to implement to the hardware section.

2. Coding:

Coding is the main part of the Embedded Projects because all controllers will work with the machine language only. Here, the controller will work and interface with all the peripherals based on the code we have written. In our life, we know only C language, till now we don’t have any other requirement to learn other languages. C is the main programming language for the embedded system. Mainly C language is working more closely hardware. it is most widely used programming in the world. While you are sitting in an interview, you should have complete knowledge of C language. In any embedded system, interview 90% questions will come from C language. you should have control over C language. In Interview, the company is expecting a very deep understanding of C, normally they ask higher end of C language like a function pointer, structure, union, pointer, the array of structure pointer etc. In order to achieve control over the interview, you should go complete understanding of C language.
When you want to do a project, you have to design an embedded product and you need to use C language. We need to know Advance knowledge in C language. We need to write a code for our embedded project we have to write code by interfacing all the peripherals and making the controller to be work as per our requirement. As a deeper understanding, you will have to learn a C language that much good code you can write. We are a Professional Training Institute in Bangalore, we give training in C completely hands on, it will make our student knowledge stronger than any experienced student.

3. Hardware Development:

While designing a Hardware, we need to know all the hardware components, which we are used in the embedded projects. Normally component used in Embedded is Resistance, capacitor, inductance, diode, transistor we should be aware of these components, how to use them, limitation etc. We may also need to have knowledge of ICs like RTC DS1307, EEPROM – 24c04, ADC 0804, RS232, ULN2003 etc we should know what all types of ICs are available and where we can use them. When we know how the hardware components will work and how to interface with other components then we can easily complete the projects with less help with others. First, we need to draw a schematic for that project then we can do a simulation on the system, for example, we can do the simulation on Proteus and we can check the output of our requirement. If our schematic circuit is correct then we can make that as PCB design by proper placing the components and make sure about the Soldering, after soldering each component check that whether it happens any shorted. Then finally dump the code into the controller and check the output.

4. Testing:

When we complete the project by making Hardware interfacing and code writing then we need to check that the complete project working as per our requirement. First, we need to dump the code to the controller then we need to check the output. If we are getting then our process is completed and we submit the project if output did not come then we need to check where the errors getting and we need to debug that errors. Like first we need to check for every component getting a power supply as per our requirement then we need to check at each component whether each component has desired input and output and whether it is working or not if there any problem try to replace with another component. Check all the connection, wiring connection and check whether any short circuit happens. Like this, we need to debug the whole network and analyze the errors than correct it. After the testing completed it is necessary to make documentation also. When you start designing the project then you need to make a design document. When any customer buys our product he needs to know about how it will work and he requires manual, to operate that product. When you have completed your project and you need to submit a project for review and release, that time you need to have all the document completed.

For doing this Embedded Projects, we need to join in the topmost Embedded Training Institute and we need to check whether they can provide good training or not. Our embedded system training in Bangalore has good knowledge on embedded systems and can take of each student in a batch so if you want to grow your carrier at a peak level then immediately join in our institute or you can top most embedded institutes.