Assembly Language Programming using 8051.

Assembly language is the low level programming language for microprocessors and other programmable devices, it is converted into the executable machine code using the assembler.

Assembly language is very import for professional who are working in the filed of research or core micro-controller level.


Basic knowledge of computer, and any programming language.

Who can join this course?

Working professionals who want to switch into embedded field.

Any students pursuing BE (ECE, EE,EEE,CS, IT) or Diploma in electronics, CS, IT.

Any students completes diploma/ graduate /post graduate in ECE, EE, CS.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Basic Assembly Programming.
  3. GPIO Programming:-
  •      LED Toggle
  •      7 segment- 0 to 9 in loop.
  •      7 Segment – 0 to 9 with switch.
  •      Generate square waves
  •      LED brightness control using PWM.

Tools used:

  1. Software Tools: Keil uVision.
  2. Hardware Tools: Programmer, 8051 development Board, Multimeter.


After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Learn about 8051 Assembly programming.
  2. Learn about installing and handling the tools.
  3. Write basic assembly language programs for blinking LEDs, interfacing 7 segment display, generating the square wave.

What Next?

  • PIC Micro-controller course.
  • STM32F0 Micro-controller Course.
  • STM32F4 Micro-controller Course.
  • Linux Internal
  • Advanced C Programming and Data Structures.
  • Linux Device Drivers.
  • Communication Protocol Training.
  • Advanced C and Linux internals.
  • Industrial level on-going project. (Contact us)

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