Artificial Intelligence

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Definition Of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn.

There are so many benefits to artificial intelligence. We can use AI in medical research, Aerospace, face recognition, railways, education, business, health care, banking and so on.

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is the part of human life and humans are surrounded by AI technology like smart sensors, automatic parking systems, etc. By using artificial intelligence we can be simplifying the administrative tasks, smart content, personalized learning, global learning, and new efficiencies in the education system.

By using the right Artificial Intelligence technology your business may save time and money automating the process and we can increase the productivity and quality of the product in the business.

Nowadays most of the industries using artificial intelligence to improve their performance, Mainly in transportation, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, industries, Advertising. By using the AI in business we can increase the sales, identify the fraud attempts, improve customer satisfaction. We can increase the manufacturing output and efficiency, can improve the marketing and advertising also, at the same time by using AI in business we can save time and money by automating the process and can avoid the human error.

There are 4 kinds of AI is there

  • Reactive Machine
  • Limited memory
  • Theory of mind
  • Self-Awareness

Reactive Machine

There is a basic type of artificial intelligence. They do not store Memories. They do not use past experiences to determine future actions. They simply understand the world and according to that will react.

Limited Memory

It is mostly used in self-driving cars. They will detect the movement of vehicles around constantly, the static data such as lane marks, traffic signals, curves, humps in the road will be added to the artificial intelligence machine. It helps individual cars to avoid getting hit by a nearby vehicle.

Theory of Mind

Here machines should be thinking like a human brain. Will load all different kinds of human thinking ways. According to human thinking, the machine will be a response, but this is very difficult for how we (humans) formed society because they allowed us to have social interactions. If AI systems are true to walk among us. They will have to be able to understand that each of us has thoughts, feelings, and expectations for how we will be treated.


One of the pitfalls for machines becoming a self-awareness is that consciousness in humans is not well-defined enough, which would make it difficult if not impossible for programmers to replicate such a state in algorithms for AI.