Advantages Of Embedded Systems

ADVANTAGES OF EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, embedded courses in bangalore

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Advantages Of Embedded Systems

An Embedded system is an electrical system it is combination of both hardware and software. At presently embedded system is in growing stage. Embedded systems are used everywhere. They can be found in vending machines, cameras, mobile phones, in vehicles like airplanes and cars and in many toys we can find embedded system. Embedded systems can be also used in medical supplies and industrial machines and in agricultural. Furthermore, they are found in architectural applications commercial.
Embedded system are like a small computer, they can do same task which computer are doing with many more advantages. Here we are listing the advantage of embedded system as a embedded training institutes in Bangalore.

Some of the Advantages Of Embedded Systems:


The size of embedded System are very small as compared to computer/other computational products. Embedded products are designed for particular application, and the components required to design these products are very less so the size of product will be small. Mainly the Embedded products are mantes for one task. Embedded product do only one task in their life time. So the size of embedded system is very small. This is the great advantage of Embedded device.


The power consumption by embedded devices to operate is very low. Unlike personal computer is powered up with 230 V AC and consume approx. 60 W of power, embedded system are powered up with 3.3 V/5 V / 12 V. Total power consumption of embedded system is less than 1 W/ or similar.

Real time Device:

The embedded devices are also called Real time devices, as the response of the embedded devices is very instant. Real time means, embedded system will respond to the action at very minimum time. Consider the airbag system, in case of accident, airbag has to open in shot time duration, this is possible with the help of real time embedded system. There are many application where device has to respond in real time, like missile tracking system, mobile
switching device, network switching device.


The operation performed by embedded systems are more accurate as they are designed using the advanced software’s. Accuracy of embedded device is the key factor to perform its operation correctly, consider a device like insulin injection pump, amount to insulin to be injected must be accurately calculated and injected, and any mismatch can lead to impact on human life. Similarly we have many critical system which need to have accurate measurement, and calculation.
The embedded devices can be interfaced with other systems. As embedded systems are designed in simple format so it is very easy to use embedded devices. And they can be easily handled.


Since size of embedded device is very small they can be carry many embedded devices wherever we want. Even many embedded device working in a cascade mode, so any number of device can be cascades. Devices are portable.


the price of embedded devices is very low as compared to other computational devices. That make prominent used of embedded device in multiple application. Modern controller is required very less external component so the price is further low.


Normally embedded systems do only one task at a time, so it loads very faster from Chip or FLASH memory. So the speed of embedded system devices is very high. Even the multitask controller is very fast it works with the speed of GHz so that it will finish task in Nano seconds.
Embedded system is having many advantages it will defiantly a great device which help everyone like Industries, student, college, company. Embedded system is having many job opening across the globe, Even in India embedded system is one of the best field to work. This is the safest place to work for women and man. But any fresher will only able to enter into job when he/she is having best knowledge in embedded system. Best knowledge can only we

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